QAINT Project published three monitoring reports


QAINT Project published three monitoring reports

In November 2020, the QAINT Project published three reports on the monitoring activities of its consortium partner ORCA in the second year of its implementation:

  1.Transparency and Accountability in Kosovo Public Universities – Finance Management

Public funds represent the main financial resource of public universities and it is necessary that these institutions are transparent and accountable about the ways they manage these funds. Therefore, ORCA has maintained its research activities and analysis of expenditures in public universities, with a special emphasis on those related to the staff in managing positions.

 2.Transparency and Accountability in Kosovo Public Universities – Public (Non-)Information 2

Formal transparency is the first step towards achieving full-fledged transparency and accountability of public institutions which are funded entirely from the state budget.
As part of this research, ORCA monitored 7 public universities for the documents and information they make available for the public on their websites  (a total of  27 documents and information that were specified as the minimum standard to ensure transparency of these institutions’ operation).

3.NARIC Kosova Monitoring Report 2

The problems that have hindered the process of the recognition of diplomas obtained outside
the country have been a topic of an ongoing debate and the reason for ORCA to maintain its monitoring of the National Academic Recognition and Information Center (NARIC) Kosova, specifically of the meetings of the State Council for Recognition (SCR) within this center. This report is the result of the monitoring conducted at SCR between January 2020 and October 2020

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